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Aug 29, Messages: Once you pop, the fun don't stop! Yom , Apr 28, Nov 18, Messages: North Carolina. I was hoping the President would give "Jeff" the first question at his press conference tonight. No such luck. Aug 30, Messages: Still beats Barney Frank running the kiddie prostitutes out of his basement. Jan 4, Messages: FriendlyFire , Apr 28, Dec 24, Messages: The impression I had was that his homosexual escort service was something he had done in the past before getting White House access.

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James Dale Guckert (born May 22, ) is an American conservative columnist better known by the pseudonym Jeff Gannon. Between and , he was given credentials as a White House . a number of gay escort sites, says that he has 'regrets' about his past but that White House officials knew nothing about his . Why did a gay male prostitute really visit the W. Bush White House over . payable to the escort service operated by the homosexual ring.

The article probably says he is still one because his picture is still on some website or something. But just cuz your picture is there doesn't mean you still are one.

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Nov 1, Messages: Mar 11, Messages: Male Location: PlutonianEmpire , Apr 29, Congressman from Massachusetts. His "distinguished record" consists mostly of fixing his loverboy's parking tickets and dealing in the sex trades.

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I was hoping the President would give "Jeff" the first question at his press conference tonight. Retrieved September 5, He implies that he never actually worked as an escort, despite the fact that he advertised himself as one. Male escort James Guckert had gay sex in the White House? Walk-in traffic is sparse, especially for the Wednesday-night service. Politically, he drifted rightward.

You are ensnared because you made reference to a government document, which appears to have been a forgery. You need to tell the grand jury who made you privy to that document. That is a fundamental element of maintaining a free press. At this point, Gannon could easily have cited the Wall Street Journal piece.

Instead, he reiterated the same point he made to the two FBI agents who supposedly questioned him. It goes to something of a nature I do not want to discuss. If, after all, Gannon had merely read about the memo in the Wall Street Journal , why this curious reticence?

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You know very well why you are being subpoenaed. The law does believe you are obligated so you are incorrect.

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While I would respect your integrity in accepting the consequences in refusing to release your sources, you are still obligated by the law to reveal who made you privy to the document you referenced. I have been on this forum since Twenty-something; I sell software over the phone. Plenty of people on this forum have met me in the real world. Gannon mistook this something Freeper for me, a mistake no doubt occasioned by my March 8, follow-up on the Gannon saga:.

On the list of subpoenaed materials are included administration contacts with more than two dozen journalists.

"Jeff Gannon's" secret life

Another forgery! Counterfeiting official documents is also a crime, particularly when it is done with the cooperation or complicity of government officials involved in a conspiracy. If Gannon is a plant, then what about the other right-wing screamers and ranters with an identical agenda and tactics who are, in many cases, just as sleazy? Who planted Gannon in the White House press pool, and gave him all that access — and to what purpose? Gannon may be a minor player in all this, but then so was the Watergate burglary a minor escapade — the unraveling of which eventually led to the resignation of Richard M.

Nixon and a general disillusionment with the neoconservative agenda of global interventionism.

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