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Times have changed quickly also here in Thailand. Just yesterday the hook-up world was very different. The digital world is mostly an annoyance that vibrates in your pocket. For a twenty year old it is just the opposite, the digital world is the real world. Gay's just don't hook up in the "old" real world anymore - They hook up in the apps and then meet in the physical world. The most popular ways to meet is by these apps.

You can even line up your persons of interest before you start travel. The best beaches on Phuket Island are on the west coast. The most developed beach is Patong followed by Karon and Kata. There are a total of 35 beaches on Phuket. Try to explore a few of them Please observe that public nudity is not socially accepted and illegal in Thailand. You will not find any nude beaches or designated gay beaches here. A majority are buddhist and the religion does not have anything particular against LGBT persons. The legal system and the religion tolerates LGBT persons but doesn't fully accept them.

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Just ask for more info. Others will usually have great pleasure. This place is not for every tourist. Major offenders may be sentenced to death. Around midnight the social scene gets started.

Some have the perception that bad karma from a previous life have made them gay. Gay marriages are seen here and there but without any legal recognition. For many years trans persons have been present in cultural plays and movies. Visibility of gay men has become common just in the last few years with plenty of TV and nowadays web series. Popular web series include: Make it right , Gray Rainbow , love sick , club friday , Love's coming.

For a Thai gay movie listing visit wikipedia For updated information about legal rights visit wikipedia. Just don't do it in Thailand. The Kingdom of Thailand strictly enforces a draconian set of drug laws. The police enjoy broad discretion when enforcing these laws.

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The courts may impose comparatively harsh penalties on minor offenders. Major offenders may be sentenced to death. Police can search premises without a warrant or order a on the spot drug test. Being in the same room, car or on the motorbike with the wrong person at the wrong time can seriously implicate you as well. Don't be stupid in Thailand: Don't buy, use or transport drugs in any manner during your stay in Thailand. Patong hospital has the only MSM clinic on Phuket. If you have a problem you can go to any other clinic but you will probably pay a lot more for a HIV test or PEP treatment if anything goes wrong.

The clinic is called Sabadee clinic and you find it at the end of the Patong Hospital parking area. Just look for the rainbow colored sign.

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Remember me. Rent a bike or motorbike We have both bikes and motorbikes for rent at Phuket Gay Homestay. You need a valid diving licence to rent a motorbike. If you have a national driving licence for motorbike dont forget you also need an International driving licence as well.

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The same goes if you rent a car. Relax at beautiful beaches and the mountainous terrain. Enjoy the beach lifestyle and a vibrant nightlife with plenty of restaurants and entertainment. If you plan to visit during large festivals like Christmas, New Year, Songkran, Vegetarian festival and Gay Pride be sure to book your room well in advance. With 40 beaches and over 39 islands surrounding Phuket, you will have plenty to explore. Patong has the only gathering of gay bars in Thailand South of Bangkok. Paradise Complex is the epicentre of gay nightlife with close to 30 venues.

Come sunset and you can feel the energy as people prepare to head out. Around midnight the social scene gets started.

The most popular bars are Zag Club and Boat Bar. Gay Saunas: There are two gay saunas in Phuket.

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Only Lads is a great place to meet hot gay and bi guys in Phuket. If you're looking for free gay dating or gay chat in Phuket, then you've come to the right place!. Chat to gay men in Phuket! Join the number one community for gay men now.

Aquarius is located in Patong and caters mainly to tourists. The other, Tara sauna is in Phuket town and serves mainly the expat and local non-commercial community. A really good massage with a male masseur can be difficult to find but here is some advice. Weekly gay gathering high season: Are you tired of the online world and would like to meet people in real life?

This men-only dinner gathering is arranged in high season on Saturdays by Phuket Gay Homestay.

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You can, of course, bring your online friends with you but here we meet in real life. How do I join? Just come here at 5 PM on Saturdays in high season. Dinner is served around 8 PM and we stop the music at 10 PM. Drinks available 50 and THB Bring: Fernandina Beach Second city: Phuket Travel city: Salzburg 1 public photos 0 private photos. Blackpool Second city: Phuket 2 public photos 0 private photos.

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