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How to Become a High Class Male Escort

If you want to earn the money this market level offers follow the guide detailed in this article, an example of rates you will be able to charge can be as high as: Unit of Time: Follow these steps to become a high class gay male escort: Develop the body type that will sell.

You will need to select a body type that you can maintain, that comes most natural to you. If you choose the twink body style, you will likely need to diet regularly to keep off excess fat, and to exercise to get the slim and slender body that is part of the style, yoga and aerobic exercises are more conducive to maintain the twink body type. Taking care of your skin to keep a youthful appearance and usually a smooth or hairless body and face with less hair than may be natural for most men, as well as daily moisturizing and keeping your daily water intake up will also be important.

Your attire will be different with this twink body type from the muscular, the suited and booted, the hairy bear and the fetish scene male escorts.

A younger style of clothing with more sportswear, boyish and feminine clothing is more appropriate for the market that your look will need to serve and cater towards. If you select the muscular body type, you will need to visit the gym regularly and avoid dietary excesses that will bring up your body mass index fat to muscle ratio. Whichever body type you select it is always important to make sure you look your best to make the most of your career as a male escort.

Maintain your appearance so that you are physically attractive. Make sure you have nice physical features and accentuate the positive to bring attention away from any imperfections. Pay attention to grooming and cleanliness. Ensure that you know how to carry on a lively conversation. You should be able to discuss any gay sex fetish or role playing game in which a client may wish you to engage. As a high-class escort you must always control your temperament, and act like a gentleman, discussing politics for example is something that will come up with many of the types of clients you will meet on the high end market, always temper these conversations lightly with a less aggressive opinion than you may actually have in order to avoid disengagement and disagreement.

You should hold a wide level of knowledge on a variety of subjects in order to be able to converse with men from all backgrounds, countries, races, cultures, age groups, professions and financial positions. The expectations placed on you will vary with the image you have created of yourself, highly sophisticated clientele for example may choose an older companion of years old to ensure that their intellectual needs will be stimulated during the encounter.

There is room for deviation in all aspects when it comes to conversational skill and areas or even the desire to converse at all, with all potential clientele having different desires for different occasions, as well as the conundrum of contradictory attractions for example to younger 18 — 21 year old year old escorts in appearance and older intellectual in terms of personality.

Have professional photographs taken. Depending on your style and image you may want to include a picture in a tuxedo, a shot completely nude, and a shot with no clothes from the waist up as a minimum. Many websites that advertise your services will allow as many as a dozen shots, here on GayEscorts. Make a fair amount of your pictures professional shots.

International Gay Male Escorts

While it is very advantageous and professional to create your own individual website, you will need to be listed on escort advertisement websites where you will generate most of your business. Sites like this one, will give you the traffic you need to your mobile phone and to your website, in most cases your own website will only be clicked through and gain attention by being listed on escort directories where the market place the clientele are searching for their perfect companion. Remember to operate this like it is a special business, as most high-class escorts will only be able to maintain high rates until their appearance reaches thirty-five to forty years of age which is a young for retirement when other professions are considered.

Your image, your brand.

As discussed above when choosing your body type or working with the body type that comes most natural for you. Your name and your age is also important for the market you aim to cater towards, choosing a name and an age are important for your personal safety and protection as well as helping in the psychological detachment from your working life, these two lies are acceptable and essential in order to protect you for the rest of your life long after you have hung up your overnight bag and moved on to pursue other career opportunities and business interests.

It is possible and probable you will encounter a significant number of men who become overly infatuated and even obsessed with you, though not a common weekly basis these instances will occur and when they do you will want the safe guard that an alternative identity can provide, in terms of physical safety this really only serves you in the future and having the foresight to safeguard your real name and age will help protect you from infatuated guys being able to track you down years in to the future when you have moved in from the escort business, your age and name should also be a part of your brand and in line with your appearance.

If you wish to see one or more of these high class companions give us a call or if you are a member then book online. Therefore you can expect a lot. Each one of our High Class Male Escort is an excellent choice if you wish to spend time at a hotel room or in your living room, to share some special moments.

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